Project Almanac

Project Almanac is a 2015 sci-fi found footage film starring Jonny Weston (Chasing Mavericks, Insurgent), Sofia Black-D’Elia (The Immigrant, TV’s Skins), and Virginia Gardener (TV’s The Goldbergs).  The film is the first feature-length… Continue reading

LaFlow Reviews’ Best of 2014

Now that the worst is out of the way, here is what I considered to be the best films of 2014.  This list once again covers a strong basis of films but yet,… Continue reading

LaFlow Reviews’ Worst of 2014

While a lot of great films come out every year, there are also always a fair share of duds.  Going from a sample of a bit over 100 films, here is what I… Continue reading

LaFlow Reviews’ 87th Academy Awards Nominations Predictions

2014 has ended, the Golden Globes have passed, and this Thursday morning the nominations for the 87th annual Academy Awards will be announced.  Below are my predictions for what will be nominated. And… Continue reading

LaFlow Reviews’ 30 Most Anticipated of 2015

Hopefully 2015 will see much more activity on the site with barely anything posted in 2014.  To start off the new year here is a list of my 30 most anticipated films of… Continue reading

LaFlow Reviews’ 86th Academy Awards Winners Predictions

Tonight’s the night of the 86th Annual Academy Awards!  Here are my thoughts on who will win and who should win tonight.

LaFlow Reviews’ Best of 2013: The Top 5

15 films have made their way through the “Best of 2013” list so far but now it is time for the best of the best.  These five films set out to do what… Continue reading

LaFlow Reviews’ Best of 2013: #10-6

Ten films have made it through the list so far and now it’s time to begin the Top 10 on this “Best of 2013 list”.  Here’s the first half of the list.

LaFlow Reviews’ Best of 2013: #15-11

Five films have already made their way onto the “Best of 2013” list.  Now come five films that are even better than those as these films just miss out on being in the… Continue reading

LaFlow Reviews’ Best of 2013: #20-16

2013 overall seems to be a bit stronger than 2012 bringing more gripping stories to cinemas while also bringing more enjoyable lightweight fare to audiences.  As usual, it’s hard at times to just… Continue reading