Sorry for the long delay between posts but I am back.  I have just been to the theater and am here with the first official “In Theaters” review for the site!  That film… Continue reading

The Best of 2011: The Top 5

Even though there was plenty not to like from 2011, there were also a lot of great films that came through the cinema.  I have already shown you 15 of them but these… Continue reading

The Worst of 2011: The Top 5

Here we are, the worst of the worst is upon you!  I have already taken you through 15 horrible films but they don’t match what it is coming up now.  All five of… Continue reading

The Best of 2011: #10-6

Now we break into the top ten best films of last year!  There is a wide variety here from your blockbuster films, the critically acclaimed, comedies, and some works by the biggest directors… Continue reading

The Worst of 2011: #10-6

We are getting close to the goldmine of the worst of the worst.  The top 10 worst films of the year begin and while some will agree that these films deserve their places,… Continue reading

The Best of 2011: #15-11

Welcome to part two of my Best of 2011 list.  Thanks for the support so far for this series.  This part of the list puts together a couple of Oscar hopefuls as well… Continue reading

The Worst of 2011: #15-11

Welcome to the second part of the Worst of 2011 series.  If you missed the first part, here are #20-16 on the list (https://laflowreviews.wordpress.com/2012/01/22/the-worst-films-of-2011-20-16/).  Now the list continues and this section includes some… Continue reading

The Best of 2011: #20-16

Hello everyone!  It’s seem many of you are already enjoying this new Best & Worst segment on the site.  We are now going to be switching over to the best films I personally… Continue reading

The Worst Films of 2011: #20-16

Welcome to one of the other series coming to LaFlow Reviews!  I will now go about listing the Top 20 Best and the Top 20 Worst films of 2011.  Now, I have not… Continue reading

My Favorite Films: Zoolander

Today’s entry in the My Favorite Films series is one of my favorite comedies, Zoolander.  The film stars Ben Stiller, Owen Wilson, Will Ferrell, and Christine Taylor.  The film was directed by Stiller… Continue reading